At 13 Wishes we identify social issues we are passionate about and help to build relationships and opportunities to do good.

We have worked to bring arts to schools & communities where it is limited or non-existent, helped to team up girl groups to further their passions with the help of one another, and now, our sights are set on raising awareness for invisible illnesses.

What are you passionate about changing? Let us know and maybe we can work together!

13 Wishes hopes that its mission will spark young people’s passion to get involved.



13 Wishes was founded in the winter of 2013 by two teenage (at the time) sisters whose dream is to inspire others to be passionate about giving back to their community. After trying to volunteer in the restoration of the East coast following Hurricane Sandy and not being able to find an organization that would bring the girls under their wing, they resorted to what they knew: the arts. Bringing the arts to kids, from kids. Now it's evolved into so much more. Doing what you can with what you already have accessible, and taking into consideration the needs of your community, is what 13 Wishes is all about. 

Join Us.