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Where: Electric Lodge

When: March 13, 2016

We worked with Local Non-Profits in the Venice, CA community to bring the arts to afterschool programs in schools where they are limited or non-existent. All profits from this performance went towards supporting these programs and some members of the cabaret also contributed their time to these afterschool programs.

Electronic Playbill

If you could give your 9 year old self advice, what would you say?

"Don't let other people get in your head & hold you back. Your success is up to you" Izzy

"Forget about hat others think of you & embrace who you are without giving a damn about anyone else's opinions" Will

"Immerse yourself in the culture & art of music & Cinema" Major

"Take more naps, you'll love them eventually" Gianna

"Do Not stop or quit something because it's too hard" Smolsky

Why do You Love The Arts?

"The arts are a way to express your intelligence. You can't Judge creativity based on SAT/ACT Scores" Smolsky

"I love that no matter what type of art you're in, you're given the opportunity to express yourself" Izzy

"I love the arts because you get to express yourself" Hayden

"It is the only form where creative thinking reigns supreme" Gianna

"I love the arts because it allows me to explore my personality and really get to know myself" Will

Who Inspires you, & Why?

"Shirley Temple because she found success so young & was very talented" Madison

"Lorde, she is a great singer/songwriter. Her songs are relatable to teens & they help me through tough times" Olivia

"Ed Sheeran. At 16, he dropped everything & dove head first into a music career. That is something I wish I had the guts to do. As a writer, his lyrics amaze me" Smolsky

"My sister because is the one who taught me to perform" Hayden

"People who can parallel park in a minute" Gianna

"Heath Leger inspires me because he's not afraid to explore the darkest parts of the human psyche" Will 

"My Mom inspires me. She works so hard for everything & I admire her perseverance & drive" Izzy

Set List

1. Hello (Adele) - MAYA & TEHYA

2. Lullaby Medley - CURDA

3.Everybody (Ingrid Michaelson) - PIPER & RILEY

4. When We Were Young (Adele) - GIANNA

5. We Are Here (Alicia Keys) - OLIVIA

6. Fall For You (Second Hand Serenade) - IZZY

7. Kelly’s Solo - KELLY GRACE

8. Misfits (Original) - SMOLSKY

9. At Last - GLORY

10. Your Song (Elton John) - MAJOR

11. Cigarettes (Original) - MACKENZIE

12. 13 Wishes Speech - MADISON

13. I See Fire (Ed Sheeran) - WILL


15. Cut & Run (Original) - TEHYA

16. I’m Yours (Jason Mraz) - HAYDEN

17. Tegan’s Solo - TEAGAN

18. Come As You Are (Nirvana) - FOCUS FEAT. SEAN

19. Aint It Fun (Paramore) - FOCUS FEAT. MAYA




13 Wishes wants to thank Tami Solomon, Andrew Frank, The Electric Lodge, our board of advisors (Auriel, Jennie, Michelle, Drew) and the performer's parents. Without you, this show could not be possible. 


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