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22 million children rely on free school lunches. Specifically, 82% of children in the Los Angeles Unified School District rely on reduced price or free lunches provided at school (pre-K-12).


With the Coronavirus outbreak closing schools indefinitely, those meals aren't being provided. Instead, families are needing to turn to food banks to provide these meals, and like your local Trader Joe's shelves were probably nearly empty upon arrival, it's only a matter of time before Food Banks experience dire situations.


Like you so wonderfully trusted us to get supplies to necessary communities during the Southern California Woolsey Fires and we did the time before that for the East Coast during Hurricane Sandy, we have identified Food Bank resources in both New York and California who will be providing meals for these children. 


We wanted to thank you for your help in fundraising and your teamwork in getting these children the resources they need and our government has failed to figure out how to provide at this time.

Please stay healthy and stay safe during this uncertain time.


theYasisters (Tehya and Maya Frank) and our wonderful team.

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